Friday, 11 January 2013

Dry Skin Loves...


The cold winter weather has made a comeback and my poor skin is not happy about it! Already I can feel it start to tighten and crave being smothered in body lotion 24/7. As I am prone to eczema  I am really fussy about my skincare. After years of trying different brands I have finally found the products that my skin can't live without! 
My shower/bath essentials

I came across Soap & Glory last winter as I was looking for a new shower gel and bubble bath to try. I was so happy with both products and have re-purchased both from Boots several times since. Boots often do their 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory so you can pick up a good bargain.

Clean On Me- creamy, clarifying shower gel
I absolutely LOVE this shower gel and so does my skin. It lathers up really well and has a really luxurious feel about it. It's very soothing and creamy on the skin and smells gorgeous. It contains natural manderin peel extract and a built in body lotion.
(Boots £5.50)

Calm One Calm All- Deluxe formula with body lotion built in
In the past bubble bath has never agreed with my skin and antagonises my eczema. I was having a particularly stressful time at school and was craving a good soak in the bath. The title caught my eye and after a read of the goodies it contains I grabbed it off the shelf. I'm so glad I did! It has a very similar scent to the shower gel above and is very creamy and soothing for the skin. It contains lemon balm, mallow extracts and moisture-magnetising skin conditioners. This stuff is unbelievably soothing and it did the job of relaxing me every time. If you don't have this in your life go and get it!
(Boots £5.50)

The new love in my life

Whipped Clean- Luxe cream wash shower butter
This is the new love in my life! I popped into Boots this week to buy deodorant and came out with several other items- ooops, this always happens! After using a shower gel you rub this into the skin until it becomes soapy and then wash it off. I'd recommend turning the shower off while you do this as I lost a huge dollop down the plughole! It leaves your skin feeling very soft and if you don't have particularly dry skin you probably wouldn't need to use a body lotion afterwards. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, grapeseed, sweet almond and macadamia nut oils with a scent of pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. GO AND GET THIS!

My top 3 body lotions

I have lost count with how many body lotions I have tried over the years. There always seem to be several new lotions on the market that claim to be amazing for dry skin. They are usually very thick creams that leave your skin feeling very greasy and the product never seems to really sink into the skin. Ever tried to put skinny jeans on after this type of lotion?! NIGHTMARE! You need about the same skill needed when putting on a wetsuit! So here are my top 3:

Eau Thermale Avene Trixera cream emollient
This has a very rich texture and is fragrance free to help sooth very dry sensitive skin. Although this is a very thick cream it does sink into the skin and doesn't feel too greasy. I picked up mine from Boots £11.50 for 200ml. This is quite pricey so I use it on elbows, knees and my hands, or all over when my skin is at its worst and feeling very dry.
Lush Dream Cream
Oh Lush how I love thee...the good news is I can still use this on my very dry skin (unlike the bathbombs I mentioned in my 'My Lush Dream Is Over' post). Again this is quite pricey at £10.95 for 240g so I have only purchased this once. This is a lovely lotion for the summer because it leaves the skin looking silky and smelling lovely. I smothered my legs in this before going to a summer party, I was wearing a dress with bare legs and they stayed feeling silky all evening. As it's Lush the lotion contains an abundance of goodies: rose water, organic extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, lavender oil, tea tree oil, chamomile blue oil and oat milk! Oats have been used for years to help cool hot damaged skin and to help treat eczema. This lotion ticks all the boxes for me apart from the price, I did get through it quite quickly so will save this one as a 'treating myself' purchase!

Vaseline essential moisture
This is the ultimate winner for me. I have tried so many lotions and I always come back to this one. Like Dream Cream this also contains oat extract. It's the least thick in texture of the 3 so is perfect to slap on after a shower/bath. It soaks in super quick and leaves my skin feeling soothed and very soft. It has a lovely fresh scent and doesn't leave your skin feeling bogged down by product. I pick this up from Tesco for £4.20, its quite often half price too, BARGAIN!
I hope this post has helped any fellow dry skin/eczema prone of you out there.
Thanks for reading, I'm off for a bath...



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