Friday, 18 January 2013

My two favourite words, SNOW DAY!

Now I know teachers get amazing holidays, but we still get completely over excited if someone mentions the word SNOW! Cue checks of the BBC Weather website every hour and scrutinising the school closure procedure. The thought of an impending snow day is better than Christmas for me and I know I am not the only one. It's the ultimate excuse to do nothing apart from snuggle up in the warm with a cuppa and a good film.
We had already had a bit of snow earlier in the week and the children have had a great time building snowmen and sledging everywhere and anywhere there is still a patch of snow remaining. However, trying to teach your class when it's been snowing? FORGET IT! By the time you have taken off wellies, soaking gloves, socks, hats and defrosted tiny hands they are in no mood for 'work'. They have this defiant look in their eye that says 'do not ask me to do anything else OK?!'
I think I had about 3 snow dreams last night anticipating the first look out of the window this morning. Then sat half dressed waiting for a text and the three golden words SCHOOL IS CLOSED. Well this mornings antics were a bit of a palaver if I am honest. My school was a little late with the text and it said 'open' (heart sinks). Luckily for me it had already started snowing pretty heavily so I had two options, stay put or go in and get sent home again. My boyfriend urged me to stay at home and I didn't exactly argue that one! I definitely made the right choice in staying put as my school was open for all of 2 and a half hours! I can now be officially snowed in and commence my snow day!
Luckily this arrived before the snow! Can't wait to get stuck in!
Cosy socks are a must have for snow day attire as well as a cup of tea. I'm going to write a few blogs today I think while I wait for my boyfriend to get home. Then it is definitely time for snowman making!
Wishing you all a very happy snow day/days, keep safe and warm.
Thanks for reading!

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