Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to all fellow beauty addicts and obsessives! After a year of watching beauty videos on YouTube I am finally feeling brave enough to start my own blog!
Firstly I will explain my blogger name 'BeautyAndTheMinibeasts' you may have guessed I love all things beauty as well as being a Reception Class Teacher. Of course I am  not referring to my lovely class as 'beasts' although some days the name fits perfectly! I really love my job as a teacher but it is bloody hard work and the odd pampering session is definitely needed every now and then.
I first came across the world of beauty videos on YouTube this time last year. I was looking for some makeup tips for a night out and the lovely Tanya Burr popped up onto my screen. I've been addicted ever since. Her videos are amazing for advice on make up and skincare or if you want to follow her step by step tutorials for a certain look. Through watching Tanya I was introduced to a whole world of beauty on YouTube and many more beauty fanatics. It is real escapism for me after a manic day at school and I have picked up so many tips and recommendations since. For skincare my holy oracle is definitely the beautiful Lisa Eldridge Anything she recommends I am instantly craving as she just doesn't seem to age! My other favourites to watch are Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles They are both really lovely to watch and always have new products to recommend and review.
I am planning this blog to be a mix of stories from the classroom and the day to day life as a teacher and beauty addict. I will chat about my favourite makeup and skincare buys as well as giving honest reviews. My lovely boyfriend has a great camera I am hoping to borrow so I can add photos to each blog.
Right first major ramble over and first blog written hoorah!

Thanks so much for reading, will be back soon!